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Pump-action shotguns are an excellent choice for home defense and for hunting small game such as turkey and waterfowl. We offer various pump shotguns in a variety of gauges from the popular 12 ga to 28 ga from best selling brands like Mossberg, Remington, and CZ. We also offer a large selection of shotgun ammo at incredible prices. Weapons and Arms Shop is your online shotgun source.

It has been well established that pump-action shotguns are some of the most versatile weapons on the planet. From self-defense to hunting, pump-action shotguns can do it all. Weapons and Arms Shop! has a large selection of the most rugged pump-action shotguns in 12-gauge, 20-gauge, 16-gauge, 10-gauge, 28-gauge and even .410 Bore from the best manufacturers. Take a look at our incredible selection of pump guns today and find your next favorite shotgun!

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Ithaca Shotguns

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Ithaca shotguns For Sale – Buy Ithaca shotguns Online at Weapons and Arms Shop.

The Ithaca Gun Company® has innovated and perfected the art and effectiveness of its numerous designs.

Since its inception, Ithaca® has been dedicated to modifying and improving its definitive characteristics for each new generation. From William Henry Baker’s classic designs to an improved firing mechanism inspired by John Browning, many of these innovations remain distinct standards of Ithaca® Shotguns.

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Weapons and Arms Shop has made shopping for firearms more convenient by offering a selection of guns available for purchase online. While only applicable for new firearms, buying a gun online is simple. Select the firearm you want and Weapons and Arms Shop will ship it to your nearest retail store for pickup. Possession is only transferred in-person after all applicable government requirements—including background checks—are fulfilled. Check your applicable federal, state and local laws before attempting to acquire a firearm. Buy your next handgun, shotgun or rifle online at Weapons and Arms Shop.

Weapons and Arms Shop sells the latest firearm models for hunters and shooters of all kinds to enjoy. No matter what you’re shooting, be it handguns, centerfire rifles, rimfire rifles or shotguns, Weapons and Arms Shop has a gun to suit your needs. Weapons and Arms Shop offers legendary firearm brands such as SIG Sauer, Browning, CZ-USA, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Benelli, Ruger and many others. Browse the selection of new firearms available for online purchase and have it delivered to your nearest retail store.

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