Buy SIG Sauer P938 a single-action-only trigger, coupled with full-size SIGLITE Night Sights makes the P938 handle like a much larger pistol, yet is still easy to carry concealed.

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The SIG Sauer P938 is a subcompact single-action pistol chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge, manufactured by SIG Sauer and introduced at the 2011 SHOT Show. A variant chambered for .22 Long Rifle was introduced in 2014. /
Sights: SIGLITE Night Sights
Barrel length: 3.0 in (76 mm)
Manufacturer: SIG Sauer
Action: Single action
Cartridge: 9×19mm Parabellum (P938).22 Long Rifle (P938-22)
Feed system: Box magazines: 6-round, 7-round, 10-round (P938-22)
Place of origin: United States and Switzerland